About the company

Learn more about our mission, our company, and our team behind everything.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple — to make getting help with the physical maintenance of your home and business easy and affordable through prompt, value driven, quality services.  

Our Story

We are a small, family owned home services business that started in 2023. Our idea started when Andrew first moved into his townhouse in 2021 after having lived in apartments his whole life.  As many home owners can relate, many of the immediate pain points of home ownership reared their collective heads and required Andrew to learn how to fix some himself and source contractors to fix those he couldn't. The pain of dealing with sourcing and coordinating all the repairs make it clear that this process could be made simpler... With that in mind, Andrew, Steve, and Stephen later formed Simple Services to try and provide the convenience of living in an apartment where services are solicited through a single streamlined portal for the average homeowner. To that end Simple Services began in late 2023 with pressure washing as the starting service line with the long term aspirations of helping home owners take care of all services in the future!

Our Team

Meet the people to make everything happen!
Andrew Apple
Former Operations Director at Apple Counseling and Senior Advisor at LifeStance Health.
Stephen Dumaine
Former business strategy at Arm the Animals and senior business intelligence analyst at PICKUP.
Steve Dumaine
Former CEO of Cheap Caribbean and owner of Arm the Animals.